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Simple DIY Key Fob Wristlet

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Simple key fob wristlet anyone can make

Simple key fob wristlet anyone can make

Simple DIY Key Fob Wristlet – At least 3-4 times a year I get to work, and go to open my office door only to look down to see that I’m holding my husband’s keys in my hand instead of my own. After a few choice words come out of my mouth, I turn around, go back to my car and drive back home (thankfully, I live close to my work). Neither of us can get into our offices without our office keys. Our keys look almost exactly the same since we both have identical key fobs and keys for our cars, house, trailer, etc. There are some minor differences but not enough that you’d notice if you just quickly grabbed the keys on the way out the door. So I’ve decided it’s time to put a stop to this frustrating mistake I keep making time and time again (seriously, this has been going on for years and yes, it’s taken me this long to decide to do something about it).

Now that I’m starting to find my way around the sewing machine, I decided to make some really cute key fob wristlets.  Sometimes, like when I’m just popping in to pick up my daughter at school, I don’t want to carry my purse with me so I just grab my keys and go. So a key fob wristlet it is. This is ridiculously easy to make, even for novice sewers. Just get some pretty ribbon, cotton webbing, key fob hardware and you’re ready to go.


  • ¾” ribbon ($1/roll at Michael’s)
  • 1.25″ Cotton webbing (bought from Etsy)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • 1.25″ Key fob hardware (bought from Etsy)
  • Pliers (I wrapped a piece of masking tape around the ends so it didn’t scratch the key fob hardware)
  • Sewing machine and thread


    1. Cut a strip of cotton webbing as well as a strip of ribbon exactly 11” long (I have small hands and didn’t want the key fob too large so adjust the length if you think you’d want it larger).
    2. Put a moderate amount of glue on the back of the ribbon and then place it onto the cotton webbing so that it’s exactly in the middle.  Allow to dry until it’s securely in place.
    3. Take the cotton webbing with the ribbon glued on to your sewing machine and sew a straight  line approximately ¼” in from the edge of the ribbon from one end to the other. Repeat on the other side of the ribbon. Trim off any long pieces of thread.
    4. Fold in half so that raw ends of the cotton webbing/ribbon are even. Sew the two ends together about ¼” from the edge.
    5. Place the sewn end inside the opening of the key fob hardware making sure that neither side is sticking out the sides of the hardware. Take your pliers and gently squeeze the sides of the hardware together until it clamps firmly over the material.  Give the webbing a tug to make sure it’s securely in place. Add a jumper ring to the hardware and you’re done.

Fun Perler Bead Stud Earrings for Kids (or anyone else)

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Fun and easy perler bead earrings kids can make.

Fun perler bead stud earrings – so easy, kids can make them.

Fun Perler Bead Stud Earrings – We love craft perler beads – you know, those fantastic and inexpensive little beads that can be arranged in any shape or pattern you desire! A little heat, and they stick together like magic! We’ve had a huge tub of them for a couple of years now and we’ve made all kinds of fun projects.  My daughter enjoys making cute little purses, shoes and flowers and then gives them away to her friends and classmates. A few weeks ago I had a bunch of toys supplies come in, including stud earring findings and, in all honesty, I totally forgot about them until I was tidying my office yesterday.  My intent for these stud findings were to make some cute little earrings for Noelle but I had no concrete plan for them.

At some point yesterday afternoon, I was putting something in Noelle’s room when I saw the big tub of beads and a light bulb went off in my head… fun earrings that Noelle can make herself using perler beads. Mission on!  We sat down and started picking out our colours (yes, I wanted to make some too). Being that my daughter is still only 6 years old I wanted to keep the designs petite for her little head but you could make and size and design you like.


  • Craft perler beads and bead peg board (usually comes with perler bead set)
  • Stud earring findings (buy from Michaels or online)
  • Iron
  • Kitchen parchment paper
  • Glue (I used non-toxic Weldbond)


  1. Place the perler beads on the pegboard so the holes in their middles sit on the pegs. Make sure all the beads are touching at least one other bead so they can be fused together.
  2. Pre-heat the iron to a medium-heat setting. Do not use the steam function.
  3. Place a piece of kitchen parchment paper over the design and apply the iron to the parchment paper and rub gently for about 15-25 seconds until you can see through the parchment paper that the plastic beads have started melting together.
  4. Set beads aside with the paper still attached, and allow to cool (5-10 minutes).
  5. Lift the parchment paper off and check to make sure all the beads are fused together (if they aren’t, repeat step 3 but for a little less time).
  6. Now take your stud earring base and place a small amount of glue on the end, just enough so that it doesn’t bleed out over the edge of the base too much. Press gently against the back side (the side you used the iron against) and nudge the earring base into your preferred position.  Allow to dry completely (I definitely didn’t wait long enough and the finding came off when I tried to put in Noelle’s ear so try to be patient).
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Marinated Feta Cheese

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Marinated Feta Cheese

Marinated Feta Cheese

Marinated Feta Cheese – A few weeks ago I attempted to make homemade feta cheese. You’ll notice that you see no such post about how to make feta cheese… that’s because it was a flop – I made something, but it definitely wasn’t feta cheese.  Before my sorry attempt, I did a lot of research on feta and came across some really great recipes.  One recipe I found over and over was marinated feta and wow did it look good. Now that I’ve had time to lick my cheese making wounds, I decided I would probably have much more success with the marinated feta (especially if I used beautifully made store bought feta). I looked around and eventually decided to make a combination of a few recipes.  The result was fabulous.

This is wonderful to keep in the kitchen, to add to dishes or simply eat straight from the jar. It should keep for at least a couple of months – if it lasts that long. Just think what a great hostess gift this would make, tasty and gorgeous to look at. Oh, and you can purchase the cute little jar label here.


  • Feta cut into 1″ cubes (I actually made some cubes a little smaller too just for snacking on).
  • Olive Oil (enough to fill up the container)
  • Fresh Herbs: Basil, Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary (mine were fresh out of the garden)
  • 4-5 Cloves of Garlic
  • Juice from 1/2 a Lemon
  • 8-10 Sundried Tomato Slices
  • 6-8 Green Pitted Olives (quartered)
  • Pinch of Chili Pepper Flakes
  • Sprinkling of Steak Seasoning Spice


  1. Get all your materials ready and start by adding enough cubes of feta to fill the bottom of the jar.
  2. Add 1/3 of all your ingredients (except olive oil) and try to keep most of the ingredients to the outside of the jar (it just makes the jar look prettier when you can see all the beautiful ingredients).
  3. Add olive oil until it cover the feta and then repeat with another 1/3 of the ingredients, add olive oil and then finish off with the last 1/3.
  4. Add lemon juice and then pour olive oil into jar until all the feta cubes are covered. Give a very gentle shake or roll of the jar to mix the ingredients around.
  5. Seal and let sit for at least 3-5 days to allow flavours to develop.

SERVE: You may want to stick a toothpick into every feta cube or just serve it as it is. Try with toast/crostini, crackers or bruschetta. Also great in eggs or salads.

You can also use the leftover oil in the jar in rice, quinoa and lentil dishes, pasta as well as roasted veggies.


Victoria on Victoria Day Weekend

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The Victoria Inner Harbour on Victoria Day Weekend.

The Victoria Inner Harbour on Victoria Day Weekend.

Have I mentioned how much I love the city I live in, Victoria, British Columbia?  This summer will be my 15th year here and I’ve loved every second of it.  I truly believe that Victoria is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

This past long weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited on our friend’s boat to participate in the annual Victoria Day sail past.  This is a fun event where boats gather in a “sail past“…or parade if you like, right into the inner harbour of Victoria.

All the boats were decorated with colourful flags and there was a dress code in which all people aboard the boats had to be dressed in white and navy.  As we approached the inner harbour there was an important official (admiral or commander I’m not sure) standing at the end of his boat and everyone on our boat had to stand at ease, very seriously and then stand at attention.  Our flag was then ceremoniously dipped into the water – here’s the original history behind that: Nautical etiquette required that merchant vessels dipped their ensigns in salute to passing warships, which acknowledged the salute by dipping their ensigns in return.

It turned out to be a stunning day and I had the opportunity to see my beautiful city from a new vantage point.  A big thanks to the Muirhead/Labarca family!


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