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It can seem overwhelming at first. You want to start a blog but there are so many steps and you don’t have a clue where to start. Believe me, I get it. I had to learn the hard way but I chiseled away at the process every day until I worked out a system that worked and more importantly, brought traffic to my blog.

If you’re interested in learning how to start and set up a blog and be better equipped than 90% of the other people out there trying to get their blogs off the ground, then you’ll want to join my course today.


In this Part 1 course, you’ll learn how to define your ideal niche, create a brand for your vision, choose a blog theme and add it to WordPress, understand the layout of WordPress and add pages, posts, and plugins, customize your WordPress blog and create and publish search engine optimized blog posts.


In this Part 2 course, you’ll learn how to create a kick-butt blog post and know how to publish it, create visual media for your posts, search engine optimize your posts, know everything you should do before you publish to maximize exposure, develop and grow your email subscriber list, promote your blog posts and generate meaningful traffic


In this Part 3 course, you’ll learn how to promote your blog posts and generate meaningful traffic, engage in focused social media marketing, learn how to automate your social media, use proven tips and tricks to get new followers, learn the techniques I’ve used to get over 62,000 Pinterest followers and generate income with your blog.

Complete-Blogging-CourseGet the entire course for only $47 now!

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