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Everyday Creative Adventures

Simple DIY Key Fob Wristlet

Simple DIY Key Fob Wristlet – At least 3-4 times a year I get to work, and go to open my office door only to look down to see that I’m holding my husband’s keys in my hand instead of my own. After a few choice words come out of my mouth, I turn around, go back to my car and drive back home (thankfully, I live close to my work). Neither of us can get into our offices without our office keys. Our keys look almost exactly the same since we both have identical key fobs and keys for our cars, house, trailer, etc. There are some minor differences but not enough that you’d notice if you just quickly grabbed the keys on the way out the door. So I’ve decided it’s time to put a stop to this frustrating mistake I keep making time and time again (seriously, this has been going on for years and yes, it’s taken me this long to decide to do something about it).

Now that I’m starting to find my way around the sewing machine, I decided to make some really cute key fob wristlets.  Sometimes, like when I’m just popping in to pick up my daughter at school, I don’t want to carry my purse with me so I just grab my keys and go. So a key fob wristlet it is. This is ridiculously easy to make, even for novice sewers. Just get some pretty ribbon, cotton webbing, key fob hardware and you’re ready to go.


  • ¾” ribbon ($1/roll at Michael's)
  • 1.25″ Cotton webbing (bought from Etsy)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • 1.25″ Key fob hardware (bought from Etsy)
  • Pliers (I wrapped a piece of masking tape around the ends so it didn't scratch the key fob hardware)
  • Sewing machine and thread


  1. Cut a strip of cotton webbing as well as a strip of ribbon exactly 11” long (I have small hands and didn’t want the key fob too large so adjust the length if you think you’d want it larger).
  2. Put a moderate amount of glue on the back of the ribbon and then place it onto the cotton webbing so that it’s exactly in the middle.  Allow to dry until it's securely in place.
  3. Take the cotton webbing with the ribbon glued on to your sewing machine and sew a straight  line approximately ¼” in from the edge of the ribbon from one end to the other. Repeat on the other side of the ribbon. Trim off any long pieces of thread.
  4. Fold in half so that raw ends of the cotton webbing/ribbon are even. Sew the two ends together about ¼” from the edge.
  5. Place the sewn end inside the opening of the key fob hardware making sure that neither side is sticking out the sides of the hardware. Take your pliers and gently squeeze the sides of the hardware together until it clamps firmly over the material.  Give the webbing a tug to make sure it's securely in place. Add a jumper ring to the hardware and you're done.


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