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Tulip Textured Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

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Tulip Textured Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

This post is late coming but each year, at the end of the school year, I like to make gifts for all of Noelle’s teachers and coaches. It’s a little tradition I started a few years ago and have now grown fond of. I’ve had a lot of very sweet comments from my daughter’s teachers expressing gratitude for receiving something handmade and personal. One of my favorite gifts is my handmade soap accompanied with crocheted washcloths.

This is a perfect opportunity to test out a new pattern so this year I created these very pretty dishcloths using a stitch I’ve been wanting to try, the tulip stitch. It has a really beautiful repetitive pattern with a lovely bumpy texture.

As with many crochet patterns, this pattern is really easy and moves along quickly once you get past the first couple of rows. The stitches are very basic, it’s just a matter of getting the stitches in the right place.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little pattern as much as I do. Happy hooking!


Tulip Textured Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

NOTES: Pattern in U.S. crochet terminology



  •        Hook: U.S. 4.5mm
  •        Medium size 4 Worsted Weight Yarn – 120 yards (Loops & Threads Capri in            Turquoise used in photos)
  •        Tapestry Needle & Scissors


st = stitch

ch = chain

sl = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet



Chain 45 stitches (to make the pattern smaller or larger, chain in multiples of 4 + 5 ch at the end)

Row 1: 3dc in the 5th ch from the hook, skip 3ch, 1sc in the next ch. *Ch3, 3dc in the same ch as the last sc, skip 3ch, 1sc in the next ch*. Repeat from * until you reach the end of the row ending in a sc, turn.



Row 2: Ch4, 3dc in the same ch as the last sc from the previous row (photo 2), skip over the 3dc from the previous row, 1sc in the next ch3 space (photo 3), *ch3 (photo 4), 3dc in same ch sp as last sc (photo 5), skip [1sc, 3dc], 1sc in the next ch3 space, rep from * ending with 1sc under the ch4, turn.



PHOTO 3Tulip-Crochet-Stitch-Tutorial-3-crop3

PHOTO 4Tulip-Crochet-Stitch-Tutorial-4-crop4

PHOTO 5Tulip-Crochet-Stitch-Tutorial-5-crop5

Row 3 – 19: Repeat the steps in Row 2

Row 20: Ch3, 1dc in the same stitch at the bottom of the ch3, *ch2, sl st in the ch3 space from the previous row, 1dc in the first dc at the bottom of the “V” from the previous row (see photo 6)*, repeat from * along the rest of the row, ending in a sl st. Bind off and weave in ends.



For a more interesting look, add different colors of yarn as you work through the pattern. Or, if you’re looking for an idea for your next blanket pattern, just make this in a much larger size (multiples of 4 + 5 ch).

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Easy Thick Crochet Wash & Dishcloths

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Easy crochet dishcloth pattern

Easy Thick Crochet Wash & Dishcloths

It’s almost the end of the school year and I’ve been thinking about what sort of thank you gifts to give my daughter’s teachers and instructors (school, piano, dance, baseball, etc.). I’m all about homemade gifts when at all possible so I settled on making a crochet dishcloth. There are lots of free crochet dishcloth patterns online, but I wanted to make my own unique one.

For the past 2 months, I’ve been taking pottery classes, learning how to use the potter’s wheel. I’ve also started making handmade soap on a regular basis which we now use every day in our household (check out my post on how to make Natural Calendula Soap here).

A crochet dishcloth pattern combines all my projects.

I’m giving them each a beautiful handmade soap dish with my own soap and a thick durable crochet washcloth. They’re made out of single crochet, which forms a tight thick fabric. The single crochet stitch is great for a project like this.

This crochet dishcloth pattern is about as easy as it gets – a perfect pattern for beginners. You only need to know 2 easy crochet stitches, the chain stitch and how to single crochet.

I’ve been really excited about these crochet scrubbies and gifts because they are all things I’ve put my heart into.  Hopefully, these handmade crochet gifts will reflect my gratitude to all the people who help teach and shape my daughter.


Easy Thick Crochet Wash & Dishcloths Pattern


  • Cotton Yarn – Knit One Crochet Two (2 balls at a time)
  • Crochet Hook – US L/8 mm.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or tapestry needle


Ch = chain, sc = single crochet (U.S.)

Hold both ends of yarn together (you will be crocheting with them as is they are one the entire time), make a slip stitch and chain 20 stitches together, keeping tension even through the chain (feel free to make the cloth bigger or smaller just by increasing or decreasing the number of chains in your foundation chain).

Row 1: 1sc the second stitch from the hook and then in each stitch along the chain until the end. Once you reach the end, chain 1 and then turn.

Row 2: 1sc in every stitch until you reach the end. Chain 1, turn your work.

Repeat row 2 until you’ve made a square (you can tell if you’ve made a square by folding the cloth in half diagonally.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

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