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Washi Tape Garden Tags

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Washi Tape Garden Tags

Washi Tape Garden Tags

This week we’ve had incredible weather in Victoria.  Warm, sunny weather means I’m out in the garden getting everything planted.  Usually when I’m planting seeds, I simply use craft sticks to identify the veggies in each row but today I ran out of sticks right in the middle of planting.  I searched around my house and garage but couldn’t find anything else.  As I was looking, I noticed the washi tape tags on my iphone cord (see post here) and an idea popped into my head… why not use washi tape on wooden shish kabob skewers (which I have a ton of).

It’s super easy to make these garden tags.  Here’s a really quick run down:

  • Find a few different designs of washi tape
  • Cut a strip of washi tape about 4 inches long
  • Place the top of wooden shish kabob skewer in the middle of the sticky side of the washi tape and then fold the tape in half so that both sides meet and stick together
  • Cut into the end of the washi tape to make a little “V” and give the tape a pennant look
  • Write on the tape with a permanent Sharpie marker
  • Put the stick into the ground in the area you want marked and identified.
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Curb the Chaos – Cord Identification with Washi Tape

| For the Home

Tame cord madness with washi tape.

Tame cord madness with washi tape.

Cord Identification with Washi Tape – Charge cords have to be one of my biggest pet peeves. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a tech toy junkie and with all those devices comes a myriad of charging cords in various shapes, sizes and colours.  They drive me absolutely batty!  Seriously, how is it that no one has come up with a universal cord and charger for all electronic devices?

Since I have so many of these cords, and require them all on a somewhat regular basis, I thought I should come up with some sort of identification program because many of them look similar.  This is where washi tape comes in.  Oh, how I love washi tape. Such fun colours and designs and great for so many things.

Simply cut off a length of washi tape, wrap around the cord, trim the end and use a sharpie to write the name of the device on the tape. I keep all my cords together in a basket on my desk and now it’s easy to quickly pick out the exact cord I need right away.


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