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Fish Coloring Page

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Free printable fish coloring page - a wonderful resource for teachers, homeschoolers and parents. Also a fun and educational way to entertain kids.Fish Coloring Page

Jeez Louise… can you believe it’s been over six months since I posted my last printable coloring page? I’ve been getting tons of comments and feedback lately asking me to create more fun printable coloring pages so I guess it’s time to get on it.

I’m so Sorry!

Let me take a moment to apologize for not posting more frequently, but there’s been so much going on behind the scenes here. If you hadn’t already heard, I’ve started a new blog called I created this blog as a way to help my fellow creatives, crafters, and artists learn how to blog. After receiving countless comments and personal emails about how to start a blog, I decided it was a sign that I should start helping people in a new way.

For the past six months, I’ve been working hard writing an eBook and developing a course curriculum. It’s been a labor of love but I’m starting to see the finishing line in the distance. My new course – The Maker’s Guide: Start Successfully Blogging About Your Passion in 30 Days will be available starting at the end of May. If you or anyone you know might be interested in this course, please feel free to sign up here. In the meantime, once you sign up, you’ll receive instant access to my free resource library with tons of helpful lists, printables, and calendars.

Fish Fun

So, getting back to this post, this month, I’ve created a fun and whimsical fish coloring page. The idea for a fish printable came from a recent phone conversation with one of my dear childhood friends. He reminded me of our weekend bike rides to the river where we’d spend the day digging worms and fishing from the bridge. We’d catch tons of fish and keep them in our little buckets. I remember how beautiful they were when the light of the sun caught their brilliantly colored scales (yep you guessed it, we had buckets full of sunfish). Don’t worry, we always through the fish back at the end of the day; it was just fun to see how many we could catch in a day. So, I’m dedicating this coloring page to all those fine, brave fish that jumped on my fishing line and gave me the utmost pleasure and satisfaction of feeling them wriggle and pull away as I wound in the line.

Download or print your free fish coloring page here.

Free printable fish coloring page - a wonderful resource for teachers, homeschoolers and parents. Also a fun and educational way to entertain kids.



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Printable Secret Decoder Wheel

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Use this FREE DIY printable decoder wheel to send & receive secret messages without anyone being the wiser. A great resource for teachers and homeschoolers for spelling practice, math, writing activities, word work, etc. Also makes a wonderful addition to spy theme parties.

Printable secret decoder wheel.

Printable Secret Decoder Wheel – Attention all secret agents! Your secret decoder wheel has arrived and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send and receive secret messages to your friends without anyone being the wiser. No one will be able to decode your messages unless they have the secret key.

This is a super fun play activity for kids but also a useful resource for teachers, homeschoolers and parents. The secret decoder wheels could easily be used for math skills, spelling practice, writing activities, word work and more. They are also great for secret agent spy birthday theme parties or a secret treasure hunt. Think of all the possibilities!

Printable Secret Decoder Wheel Instructions


  1. Cut out the circles below and stack in order from the number 1 wheel on the bottom, then number 2 wheel and finally number 3 wheel on the top.
  2. Attach the three discs by carefully poking a round brad fastener (or thumb tack with an eraser behind) through the middle of all three wheels.


  1. Pick a letter on the outer wheel and a number in the inner circle – this is your key (ex. M21). Turn the inner wheel so that the number (21 in our example) lines up with the out wheel letter (M in our example). On our wheel 21 also corresponds with R in the shaded section. Don’t move the wheels now, keep them in place.
  2. First, write your message. No numbers (write them out), and no punctuation.
  3. For each letter of your message, find that character on the outer wheel, and write down the letter that is exactly beneath it on the inner wheel until your message is complete.
  4. To read the encrypted message get the key from the message sender and align the wheel – keep the wheel in this position. For each letter of your message, find that character on the inner wheel, and write down the letter that is exactly above it on the outer wheel.

Secret decoder wheel printable.

Download your printable secret decoder wheel with instructions here.

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The Ultimate Vacation Packing List

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free printable packing checklist for vacatiion

Printable packing list for your next vacation

The Ultimate Vacation Packing List – Free Printable – Now that all the fun and craziness of the Christmas holidays are behind us, we’re hit with the realization that we still have quite a few more months of winter to go. I’m not a fan of long, cold winters (well, it doesn’t get below freezing often where I live but it rains a lot) so we try to save enough money for a vacation to a sunny destination each year. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love winter vacations – I mean I plan for it all year long. If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be to travel. I love experiencing other cultures, landscapes and food and I think travelling is the ultimate education.

This year we’re so fortunate to be going to one of our favorite destinations, Mexico (Manzanillo to be more precise). A big part of what I love about going on a vacation is the build-up and excitement before we go. I usually have everyone’s luggage pretty much packed about a week before we leave – I know, I have issues. Every year I go through my mental packing checklist but inevitably forget something.

Since we’re leaving shortly I decided to create my own printable packing list that I can pull out and print every year now from this point onward. I thought many of my fellow travelers may like to have this checklist too.

To download your free printable packing list click here. Happy travels!Packing-List-PDF

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Certificate of Awesomeness

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Certificate of Awesomeness

Free Printable Certificate of Awesomeness

Certificate of Awesomeness – We’ve all had those moment as parents where we realize that we’ve dropped the ball – recently I had such a moment. I went to pick up my daughter from school and noticed that the teacher was frantically chasing down kids to give them really cute cards of congratulations. The kids were so excited to be receiving these colorful and vibrant cards. Before we knew it, the cards were all handed out and Noelle hadn’t received anything.  I noticed small tears welling up in her eyes. When I inquired about the cards it turned out that they were given to the kids who had read 100 books at home. My heart started pounding and my face went red… oh no… this was all my fault. I had to admit it, I hadn’t been keeping up with the book tracking journal and hadn’t handed it in.  We faithfully read with Noelle every night so I know she should have received the proper accolades for her achievement. Noelle managed to hold back the tears but I knew she was quite upset, especially seeing all the other kids excitedly comparing their cards.

Once we had left school, I admitted my failure to my daughter.  She was upset with the situation but didn’t really say much more about it. After a few guilt ridden days, in an attempt to restore my status of “best mom in the world”, I came up with a plan to resolve the situation. I decided to create my own award… a Certificate of Awesomeness.  I cobbled a certificate together, making it fun and colorful, all the time having visions of my teary eyed child in my minds eye. We finally presented her with the certificate and she was thrilled – it’s posted on the bulletin board in her room now and she often looks at it with pride.

I made this certificate generic in the hopes that others may find it useful if they ever have a slip up and need to pander to their child.  Or sometimes your kid just does something particularly amazing that you want to recognize. Now you can simply print out this certificate and show your child how proud you are of them.  This is also great for teachers, counsellors, grandparents, therapists and nurses, etc.

Click here to download your “Certificate of Awesomeness.”

Certificate of Awesomeness

Certificate of Awesomeness



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