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Everyday Creative Adventures


20 Free Comfortable Crochet Slipper Patterns for Men

Crochet slippers are soft and comfortable to wear, and help make you feel relaxed as you lounge at home. They are great for keeping your feet warm and toasty, especially during cold winter days. They also keep you from slipping on floors, and provide a soft cushion in case you step on your kids’ toys.  […]

40+ Super Cute Crochet Doll Patterns

Playing with dolls is an important part of children’s play. Not only does it teach them empathy, it also lets them practice self-expression, fosters their imagination, and nurtures their emotional intelligence. Crochet dolls are a great way of encouraging imaginative play. You can create a crochet doll that is specifically tailored for each child. You […]

30 Easy Crochet Borders for Baby Blankets

Simple crochet borders or edgings help give your crochet blankets a nice, clean, finished edge. Crochet borders can also add texture and color, and help hide rough edges and missed stitches to give your baby blanket a more polished look.  Should crochet blankets have borders? That is totally up to you! You can choose to […]

45+ Ear-resistible Crochet Bunny Patterns

Bunnies are cute and fluffy animals that everyone loves, especially little kids, but it’s not always possible for people to have rabbits as pets. So why not do the next best thing and crochet a bunny? Crochet amigurumi bunnies are so adorable. Not only are they handmade, they can be customized and personalized to fit […]

35+ Men’s Scarf Crochet Patterns

Crochet scarves make great gifts for men for any occasion, from birthdays to Father’s Day or Christmas. Most scarf crochet patterns are quick and easy, you can make them as last-minute gifts for a friend or family member.  Men’s scarf crochet patterns typically don’t differ all that much from women’s scarf patterns, since many stitch […]