16 Free Crochet Toy Patterns Any Child Will Adore

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Need a cute crochet birthday gift or something for a baby shower? Your in luck, check out this list of 16 Free Crochet Toy Patterns Any Child will Adore!

16 Free Crochet Toy Patterns Any Child Will Adore
Need a gift for a birthday party, baby shower or just because?  These adorably cute crochet toy patterns are the perfect for the job! Any child will love these wonderful toys like bunnies, lambs, monkeys, and whales. They will make a memorable addition to your child’s toy collection. 

Sharpen your crochet skills and at the same time, put a smile on a child’s face. Find the perfect pattern in our list of 16 Free Crochet Toy Patterns Any Child will Adore!


Hedgehog Amigurumi

Make this adorable hedgehog amigurumi pattern for a cute little baby. It is so cute that you would hold it in your palm with its roll-up posture

Via Craft Passion


Amigurumi Alien Bunny

Crochet this alien bunny with this free toy crochet pattern!

Via Little Things Blogged


Miniature Crochet Alligator

Learn to crochet this cute little friend to hang out with in the afternoon. Check out the free toy crochet pattern.

Via Craft Foxes


Adorable Crochet Rabbit

Crochet this adorable toy rabbit with this free crochet toy pattern.

Via Sweet Living


Cotton from “Oblivion Island”

Make Cotton, the sweet cherished stuffie from the movie “Oblivion Island”. Make him with this free toy crochet pattern.

Via All About Ami


Free Crochet Yoda Pattern

Make this adorable crochet yoda with this easy and free crochet pattern.

Via Sweet T Makes Three


Crochet Rattle Ball

Make your own rattle filled ball for little ones to play with. Safe for all ages. Make this rattle ball with this free crochet pattern.

Via Next to Nicx


Cutest Little Crochet Whale Pattern

This cute little whale is the perfect addition to your child’s toy collection!

Via Pops de Milk


Crochet Basket Ball Hoop Net

Throw out those flimsy indoor basketball hoop nets and replace them with a better more permanent solution: a crochet net!

Via Repeat Crafter Me


Sock Monkey Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

The monkey resembles the look of the popular Sock Monkey. It measures 18″ tall, great as a cuddly soft toys for kids.

Via Craft Passion


Crochet Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these crochet desserts, including a flan, cake, and hot cocoa.

Via All About Ami


Amigurumi Bunny and Teddy Bear

Make this cute bunny and teddy bear, they will make a perfect gift that your child will love!

Via Little Things Blogged


Dave the Minion Crochet Pattern

Bright yellow, potato-shaped, gibberish-speaking creatures that are easily excited. What’s not cute about that? Make Dave the minion with this free crochet toy pattern!

Via Pops de Milk


Bubbles and Goldfish Teether Crochet Pattern

Make this adorable goldfish teething ring with this free toy crochet pattern! This teething ring makes a perfect baby shower gift for when they get older.

Via One Dog Woof


Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball

Crochet this amazing Amish puzzle ball made of 3 segments for your little ones, perfect for tiny hands to grab!

Via All About Ami


Crochet Baby Toy

Using this free pattern, make baby-friendly crochet toys that shake, rattle and roll! This is a perfect baby shower gift that any new parent will love!

Via Next to Nicx


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