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25 Crochet Flower Patterns

Spring is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to start crocheting a new flower pattern. They brighten up a room and are fun to create. You can even make crochet flowers while there’s still frost on the ground. I like to do this to remind myself it won’t be cold forever.

A crochet flower is so beautiful and comforting and they make great gifts. You can put them on just about anything. Which is why I’ve put together this list of easy crochet patterns. It’s full of simple flowers and even has a crochet rose pattern. All the warmth of spring at your fingertips.

Easy Crochet Flower

This flower pattern is as cute as a button. You can easily attach it to a hat or scarf, or make a bunch of these simple flowers to adorn a nursery. It adds a sweet, whimsical touch wherever you put it.

Via Crochet 365 Knit Too

Blooming Crochet Flowers and Leaves

This detailed crochet flower looks life-like. It’s crocheted as though it’s blooming right off the table. This is one of the more creative crochet ideas out there, and the effort put into this pattern really shows.

Via Annie Design Crochet

Blooming Crochet Flowers and Leaves - Check this list of easy crochet patterns that is full of simple flowers and even has a crochet rose pattern. All the warmth of spring at your fingertips. #flowerpattern #crochetflower #easycrochetpatterns #crochetideas

Simple Crochet Flower

This is an easy crochet flower to make. They look like little cherry blossoms and would make a beautiful crochet applique on your projects. If you’re looking for something fast, sweet and simple, this is it.

Via Hello Yellow Yarn

Simple Crochet Flower - Check this list of easy crochet patterns that is full of simple flowers and even has a crochet rose pattern. All the warmth of spring at your fingertips. #flowerpattern #crochetflower #easycrochetpatterns #crochetideas

Easy Crochet Rose

This rose pattern is as beautiful as the rose in Beauty and the Beast. Except this one will last forever.  This crochet flower pattern is a classic and one you can hold onto for years to come.

Via Skip To My Lou

Large Crochet Flower

These large crochet flowers will add fun to any project. Stitch it onto a hat or wear a bunch of them on your scarf. If you’re looking for things to crochet on a rainy day, these will certainly brighten things up.

Via Daisy Cottage Designs

Wagon Wheel Crochet Flower

There are lots of easy crochet patterns for flowers out there. But this one has a special shape to it. The petals slightly twist and come up from the base. This crochet flower is fast to make and would make a great decoration at a wedding.

Via Bhooked

Look at What I Made Flower

You only need the basics to make this simple flower design. If you want to know how to crochet a flower, this is a good beginner pattern to start with. It’s worked flat in two colors.

Via Look at What I Made

Teeny Tiny Flowers

Learning how to crochet flowers is easy with these teeny tiny flowers. Make a bunch of these crochet flowers for hats, or string them together for a floral garland.

Via Attic 24

Five Petal Crochet Flower

These flowers make easy crochet projects if you don’t have a lot of time. They could also make a fun group activity if you’re teaching someone to crochet. They have little lacy holes in the center. This is a great pattern to learn how to make easy crochet flowers for people who are less experienced in crochet.

Via One Dog Woof

Basic Crochet Flower

This is one of the easier crochet flower patterns out there. It’s worked flat and has a slightly lacy look to it. It’s a basic, small crochet flower pattern that you’re sure to love and have a good time making.

Via JJCrochet

Twin DragonFly Crochet Flower

This flower applique is perfect for a crochet headband pattern. Flowers are one of the faster crochet projects out there, and you can make them for any occasion. Flowers can be added onto anything which explains the appeal.

Via Twin Dragonfly Designs

Sweet and Simple Crochet Flower

These simple crochet patterns for flowers are sweet and simple. Exactly what you’re looking for if you just want to fill your time with something small. These flower patterns would also make great reusable confetti at a birthday party or baby shower.

Via Petals to Picots

So Simple Crochet Flower

This two-toned crochet flower pattern is basic and easy to make. It’s a great celebration of spring and a fun way to brighten your wardrobe. Work them into that sweater you’re stitching up or add them as a fun little flair on socks.

Via Rescued Paw Designs

Lion Brand Crocheted Flowers

These free crochet flower patterns are perfect because they can be made in any size. When they vary in sizes they look more realistic and add a natural touch to your projects. Why not make a crochet bouquet? It’s fun to learn how to make crochet flowers in different sizes.

Via Lion Brand

The Easiest Crochet Flower

This is the easiest flower pattern out there. It starts with a magic ring and works out easily from there. With a crochet leaf pattern and several of these flowers, you could make a party garland for Spring. They’d also go great with a luau.

Via Everything Etsy

The NeverEnding WildFlower

Made with worsted-weight yarns and a size H hook, Rebecca’s crochet flowers look like a mix between a magnolia and lotus flower. This crochet flower only gets wider instead of taller and bulkier, thus the title, neverending.

Via Little Monkeys Crochet

Crochet Cherry Blossom

Crocheting this simple flower design is fun and unique. The blossoms use multiple colors making them look very detailed. These little flowers would make beautiful crochet applique on a little girls dress, or make a crochet nature scene for a wall in your home.

Via Make & Do Crew

Small Crochet Flower

This small crochet flower pattern is easy to work. It has 5 petals and a single hole in the center. It’s easy to figure out how to crochet a flower with this beginners pattern.

Via Crochet Hooks You

Easy Tiny Crochet Flower

These simple flowers can be crocheted in bulk. They’re so little and can be made in whatever colors you choose. Hang them from the ceiling instead of putting glow in the dark stars up. It will be like a meadow is sprouting from your ceiling.

Via My Merry Messy Life

Irish Crochet Flower

These crochet flower patterns almost look like snowflakes. They’re a traditional Irish crochet motif. Olena, the creator, even links to a crochet leaf pattern in case you want to make them to accompany the flowers.

Via Golden Lucy Crafts

Easy Step by Step Crochet Flower

Easy crochet patterns like this offer guided tutorials to help beginners work the pattern. These simple flowers will work up fast with the help of the tutorial and a little patience. After you make one, you won’t be able to stop.

Via Homestead Acres

Crochet Flower and Head Warmer

This crochet headband pattern comes tied to a crochet flowers pattern that matches. They use a chunky thick yarn that will crochet up quickly and keep you warm. As long as you know how to single crochet and double crochet, you should be able to work these up.

Via Nikki in Stitches

Maybelle Square

This is a slight variation from most flower patterns. This could work great for quilting crochet projects. It’s a flat square with a flower crocheted in the middle. The flower is worked first with the border worked around it.

Via My Rose Valley

Autumn Berry Crochet Flower

As far as crochet ideas for flowers, these are cheery and have almost a vintage feel to them. They have a little button in the center and would make great crochet flowers for hats. Classic never goes out of style.

Via Daily Crochet

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to crochet a flower, these patterns will teach you all you want and more. All these free crochet flower patterns are different and unique just like real flowers. So make like you’re in a field and pick your favorite!

Are you a fan of all things crochet? Check out my Crocheters Care Package. I’m giving away 100 care packages to new I Love Stitches members here. Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to 60+ Crochet classes, 100s of patterns and workshops and so much more.

Looking for more great crochet pattern: 33 Free and Easy Small Crochet Flower Patterns


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