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Certificate of Awesomeness

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Certificate of Awesomeness

Free Printable Certificate of Awesomeness

Certificate of Awesomeness – We’ve all had those moment as parents where we realize that we’ve dropped the ball – recently I had such a moment. I went to pick up my daughter from school and noticed that the teacher was frantically chasing down kids to give them really cute cards of congratulations. The kids were so excited to be receiving these colorful and vibrant cards. Before we knew it, the cards were all handed out and Noelle hadn’t received anything.  I noticed small tears welling up in her eyes. When I inquired about the cards it turned out that they were given to the kids who had read 100 books at home. My heart started pounding and my face went red… oh no… this was all my fault. I had to admit it, I hadn’t been keeping up with the book tracking journal and hadn’t handed it in.  We faithfully read with Noelle every night so I know she should have received the proper accolades for her achievement. Noelle managed to hold back the tears but I knew she was quite upset, especially seeing all the other kids excitedly comparing their cards.

Once we had left school, I admitted my failure to my daughter.  She was upset with the situation but didn’t really say much more about it. After a few guilt ridden days, in an attempt to restore my status of “best mom in the world”, I came up with a plan to resolve the situation. I decided to create my own award… a Certificate of Awesomeness.  I cobbled a certificate together, making it fun and colorful, all the time having visions of my teary eyed child in my minds eye. We finally presented her with the certificate and she was thrilled – it’s posted on the bulletin board in her room now and she often looks at it with pride.

I made this certificate generic in the hopes that others may find it useful if they ever have a slip up and need to pander to their child.  Or sometimes your kid just does something particularly amazing that you want to recognize. Now you can simply print out this certificate and show your child how proud you are of them.  This is also great for teachers, counsellors, grandparents, therapists and nurses, etc.

Click here to download your “Certificate of Awesomeness.”

Certificate of Awesomeness

Certificate of Awesomeness



Mandala Coloring Pages

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Mandala coloring page

Mandala coloring page

Mandala Coloring Pages – These beautiful circular designs are called mandalas. Mandalas are as old as history itself and mean “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. In various ancient and spiritual cultures including Buddhists, Tibetans, Hindus and North American Indians, the mandala has been used as a form of meditation, in sacred rites to aid in healing and to invoke spiritual energy. Mandalas have often represented life, nature, creation, wellness and the universe.

Today mandalas are used as a form of art therapy. Drawing and coloring mandalas is known to have a centering, calming effect for both children and adults. For elderly people, coloring mandalas helps them increase focus and concentration.  People are often intimidated by a big blank piece of paper and they may get anxious not knowing how or what to draw.   Pre-made mandalas help give people a comfortable starting place with little fear of failure. Just by adding a little bit of coloring, people suddenly become artists and have a great sense of accomplishment when they are done. You can use  coloring pencils, pen and ink, crayons or watercolor to color mandalas.

I had so much fun designing these mandala coloring pages – that in itself was therapeutic. I’ve created these pages with 12 mandalas to a page and also larger mandalas with two pages of 6 mandalas.  You can download the 12 mandalas to a page here and the 6 mandalas to a page here. Enjoy and happy coloring!

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Thanks for reading! ~ Jamey



Hearts Coloring Page and Valentine’s Day Cards

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Heart Coloring Page and Valentine's Cards

Heart Coloring Page and Valentine’s Cards

Hearts Coloring Page and Valentine’s Day Cards – Usually a few days after Boxing Day we start seeing the Valentine’s Day decorations, candies and cards being put out in the stores –  I always think “are you kidding me, Christmas was only a few days ago.”  But, before you know it Valentine’s Day is here as it is again this year.  Seriously, how do these holidays keep creeping up on us so quickly.

Each year we try to make our own Valentine’s cards for Noelle to hand out to her friends and classmates.  This year I was thinking I’d make a fun coloring page with hearts on it that could be given to the kids to color at their leisure.  Then I decided it would also be fun for kids to color their Valentine’s Day cards themselves.  So I’ve actually created two versions of these coloring pages: one coloring sheet with all the hearts on it and then two more pages with six Valentine’s cards on each for kids to color, cut out and then give away. Kids will love making their own cards and parents will love having half an hour of peace and quiet while the kids are busy coloring.

Download the Hearts Coloring Page and Valentines Cards Here:  Single Coloring PageValentine’s Day Cards


Crochet Symbols and Directions Chart

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Crochet Symbols and Directions chart with US & UK terminology.

Crochet Symbols and Directions chart with US & UK terminology.

Crochet Symbols and Directions Chart – As you all know by now, I’ve been really getting into crochet over the past year or so.  I still consider myself a newbie and I’m trying to learn new stitches and designs whenever I can find the time.  To this point I’ve only followed written directions and whenever I’ve come across patterns with all those weird symbols I’ve immediately discarded the crochet pattern without even attempting to understand it.  

Recently I came across a YouTube video that showed a woman crocheting but she also showed how she followed the crochet symbol pattern – even though it was in a different language, I totally got the drift and realized that these patterns aren’t as scary as they seem.

Crochet stitch charts are also great when you find a crochet pattern in another language that comes with a stitch chart – sometimes that’s all you need to figure out how to make the pattern, even with the language barrier.

After doing a little more research I realized that I couldn’t find any really great symbol reference charts. I started pulling a collection together from what I could find and before you I knew it I had created a pretty comprehensive crochet symbols and directions chart.

I also tried to address the issue of US vs. UK crochet terminology by putting the correct name for each symbol with a little flag beside to indicate what that symbol is called depending on whether its a US or UK pattern. I hope you’ll find this crochet symbols and direction chart helpful.  Now maybe you’ll decide to given patterns written in symbols a second chance, I know I will.

I’ve also included a list of the crochet terms and abbreviations – the most common crochet terms and their associated abbreviations. Crochet abbreviations are usually listed at the top of a pattern to help explain the stitches and terms that will be used in that particular crochet pattern.

Download your crochet symbols and directions chart here.

If anyone notices any errors in this chart please let me know, I may have missed something. Thanks.

To make things even easier for you, here’s a great YouTube video that explains how to read symbol charts.

Crochet symbols and directions chart with US and UK terminology

Crochet symbols and directions chart with US and UK crochet terminology


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