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Everyday Creative Adventures

Home Book Club Card

Home Book Club Card

Home Book Club Card – In my recent post Certificate of Awesomeness I confessed to my parenting “oops” when my daughter didn't get a card of congratulations from her teacher for reading 100 books.  As you know, Noelle did indeed read 100 books and I created a certificate of awesomeness to help fix my blunder.  In the same vain, we really work hard to make sure Noelle is a confident reader and yesterday after school she spent about an hour reading. Both my husband and I were impressed by this desire to read without being prompted and Michael had a great idea to encourage this positive behaviour – like the “karma card” from another one of my posts, why not have a home book club where a reward is given after reading 10 books (this does not include her books that we read for school). Noelle loved the idea too so I spent the morning creating a Home Book Club card. I've created two versions, one called the “Home Book Club” for families to use, and then I made one called the “Kids Book Club” that can be used by teachers, counsellors, kids clubs, camps, libraries, etc.

Download the “Home Book Club” card here.


Download the “Kids Book Club” card here.