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Hooded Scarf Crochet Pattern

If you love cold weather, I’m right there with you. You get to slip on your cute boots and fun sweaters. Most of all, you get to feel warm and snug when you layer up and go outside.

That’s why this hooded crochet scarf is so much fun. It’s a hood, it’s a scarf, and it has pockets. What more could you actually want?

It’s also a lot of fun to play with the color here. You can go with the pink and grey that we chose, or you can make it entirely your own with whatever color suits your palette. Whatever you decide, framing the borders with your favorite color adds a bright touch. 

Pair that cool crochet edging with matching buttons and make them look even more complete. You can also work with the pattern to make the length of the scarf suited to whatever measurements you need. It’s also a great crochet pattern if you’re learning how to crochet a scarf.

Snow trips and chilly days stand no chance against you now that you’ve got this crochet hooded scarf in your closet.

It’s a hood! It’s a scarf! It’s both! Wear it any way you want. The choice is yours.

Hooded Scarf Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy/intermediate


Hook(s) size: H8/5mm, 3.5mm (for buttons)

Yarn weight: Worsted

Suggested yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash – Merino Wool

Yarn Yardage: Color A – Cascade 220 Superwash Merino (color # 27) – 660 yds, Color B – Cascade 220 (color # 4192) – 100yds

Tools – scissors, tapestry needle, stitch marker

Approx. finished dimensions – hood: length – 10.5”, width – 9” –  scarf: length – 64”, width – 6”

Gauge: Not important, one size fits most teens/ladies

Special notes:

Ch – chain, sc – single crochet, dc – double crochet, st(s) – stitch(es), sl/st – slip stitch, hdc – half double crochet, xs – times

Stitches used: sc, dc, and spike stitch (explained in round 20)

Ch 1 is a turning ch and does not count as a stitch

The pattern

Using color A and a 5mm hook, ch 35

Round 1 – sc in the second ch from hook and in each ch across, sc 4 into the last ch (these will be your turning ch’s to get to the backside of your work); sc in each ch across the backside – 70 sts

Round 2 – ch 1, turn, dc in each st around – 70 sts

Round 3 – ch 1, turn, sc in each st around – 70 sts

Rounds 4-19 – repeat rounds 2 and 3 – 70 sts

Cut yarn and tie off; attach color B on the wrong side of your work

Color B

Round 20 – ch 1, turn, *sc, sc below the sc from the previous st; repeat from * to end 70 sts

Round 21 – ch 1, turn, sc in each st around – 70 sc

Rounds 22-31 – repeat rounds 20 and 21

Tie off and cut color B

The scarf – Color A

Round 1 – ch 110 and sl/st to attach on the corner of the hood, opposite from where you tied off. Sc evenly around the side and back of the hood until you reach the beginning where you tied off ( I did 58 sc), then ch 111 – 58 sc, ch 111, ch 110

Round 2 – sc in the second ch from the hook and in each ch all the way around the hood and down the ch on the other side – 278 sts

Round 3 – ch 1, turn, dc in each ch around – 278 sts

Round 4 – ch 1, turn, sc in each ch around – 278 sts

Rounds 5-19 – repeat rounds 3 and 4 – 278 sts

Tie off yarn and cut.

Round 20 – attach color B on the right side at the bottom of the scarf; ch 1, sc 18 across – 18 sts

Round 21 – ch 1, turn, sc in each st across – 18 sts

Repeat on the bottom of the other side of the scarf.

To crochet buttons:

Using color B and a 3.5 mm hook; (leave a 4” tail to use for sewing on the button) ch 4, sl/st into the first ch to create a loop. Ch 2, hdc 11 xs into the center of the loop. sl/st in the top of beginning ch 2 and cut yarn. Pull the center string to tighten button and pull the yarn tail through to the other side. This button is placed with the wrong side facing out. Repeat to make all 4 buttons.

Attach buttons on the right side of the bottom of the scarf, spaced evenly approx 1.5” from the bottom


Fold scarf as shown in the picture. The pockets measure 7” in height, including the flap which is 3.5”

Pin the sides and using a tapestry needle and color A, sew both sides on edges of the scarf to create pockets. Sew through both sides of the flap to keep it from curling or flipping up, skipping the row of pink to avoid an unsightly stitch of a different color.

Sew in all ends using a tapestry needle.

Share your finished project with us and we might even show it off, too. It will probably be hard to resist taking at least a few photos of what you made, anyway. Now that you’re all bundled up and cozy, you have some time to plan what other projects you’ve got in the pipeline. 

Looking for more great crochet patterns: Heart Graphghan Baby Blanket Crochet PatternMoss Stitch CowlOmbre Textured BlanketLily CowlGeometric Basket Crochet PatternColor Block Backpack


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