Ocean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern

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Ocean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern - Wear it as a shawl. Throw it on as a scarf. #crochetpattern #crochetwrap #crochetlove #crochetOcean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern

We love a piece that we can wear many different ways. That’s exactly what the ocean swell Mobius wrap is. Wear it as a shawl. Throw it on as a scarf. Let it drape down over a favorite shirt, and even style it off the shoulder. It’s all up to you to ride the wave.

Use the Suzette stitch to get this beautiful textured pattern that hangs easily and looks amazing, too. Pair this look with jeans and a casual necklace to dress it down, wrap it up as a scarf to keep you warm, or even layer it over a dress for a more upscale occasion.

We kept the color scheme blue because we were feeling the beach vibe, but you can feel where the water takes you when it comes to choosing a color. Any two complementary colors will even out the look of this wrap nicely. We can’t wait for you to wear it, so we also can’t wait for you to start.

Ocean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern


Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate


Hook(s) size: J/10 6mm

Yarn weight: 4 (medium)

Preferred type of yarn: Cotton

Suggested yarn: Universal Cotton Supreme (Navy and Powder Blue)

Yarn Yardage: (Color A) Powder Blue – 360 yds,(Color B)  Navy – 360 yds

Tools – scissors, tapestry needle, stitch marker

Approx. finished dimensions: Height – 20”, circumference – 40”

Gauge: 4”= 10 sts, 10.5 rows

Ocean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern

Special notes

  1. Fsc – foundation single crochet, ch – chain, sl/st – slip stitch, dc – double crochet, st(s) – stitch(es), sc – single crochet
  2. This pattern is worked in the round to avoid a seam
  3. Ch 1 in round 1 counts as an sc
  4. Use a stitch marker
  5. The Suzette stitch is used and explained in round 1

Ocean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern

The pattern

Color A

Fsc 118 – twist ch 180 degrees and sl/st in the bottom of the first fsc to join – 180 fsc

Round 1 – ch 1, dc into the same st. *Skip the next st, into the following st, place 1 sc and 1 dc; repeat from* around the bottom of the fsc (you will have 180 sts) Continue the same pattern across the top of the fsc until you are back at the beginning – 360 sts

Rounds 2-10 – *Place 1 sc and 1 dc into the next st, skip 1; repeat from * to end

Attach color B; tie off and cut color A

Color B

Rounds 11-22 – repeat round 2 – 360 sts

Attach color A; tie off and cut color B

Color A

Round 23 – sc in each st around – 360 sts

Round 24 – dc in each st around – 360 sts

Round 25 – dc in each st around, sl/st into the last st – 360 sts

Tie off and cut yarn, sew in any loose ends with a tapestry needle

Ocean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern

When you’ve finished your wrap, let us know how it looks by taking a picture and sharing it. From the color, you picked down to the yarn you chose (did you check out the selection the Knitting Tree has available?) we want to know it all. Half the fun is getting to share what you’ve created. And part of that other half is getting to wear it around while strutting your stuff.


Ocean Swell Mobius Wrap Crochet Pattern

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