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30+ Bee-utiful Crochet Bee Patterns

Introduction to Bee Crochet Patterns Bee-lieve it or not, bees play an important role in our ecosystem. They do tireless work every day, and help keep the balance in our environment.  Let’s celebrate our little friends by making some sweet crochet bee patterns. Hang them on a window, on the wall, or gift them to […]

35+ Easy Crochet Animal Patterns (Amigurumi)

Introduction to Easy Crochet Animal Patterns (Amigurumi) Have you wanted to create a cute crochet animals but are having a hard time finding patterns? Were the typical results coming up granny animal patterns? Maybe it’s because crochet stuffed animal patterns go by many names, such as crochet plushies, crochet stuffed animals, and crochet stuffies, but […]

65+ Free Crochet Hat and Beanie Patterns

Why spend money on hats when you can make your own? If you crochet and like hats, this list of free crochet hat patterns is for you!  Crochet hats keep your head warm and cozy, and they’re a fun way to practice different crochet stitches. Crochet them to keep yourself toasty warm or give them […]

20 Easy Fingerless Gloves Crochet Patterns

One of the worst things about winter is going out in the cold without the right pair of gloves on. Nothing’s more painful than stiff, frozen fingers, and if you have the wrong set of gloves on, forget even trying to use your phone. Thankfully fingerless gloves offer the perfect solution to these problems. Crochet […]

20 Easy and Adorable Crochet Toys That’ll Melt Your Heart

Know a little one with a birthday coming up? Or maybe you’re involved in the local schools and children’s charities? Check out these free amigurumi patterns and crochet toys.There’s an army of adorable crochet friends here that are waiting to be stitched up by you. Make crochet yarn dolls or animals like a crochet elephant. […]