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15 Free Crochet Moccasin Patterns

Have you been wowed by all the adorable crocheted moccasins around these days? Perhaps you want really cute moccasin crochet slippers for a new baby on the way? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to crochet moccasins!

These patterns range from easy to hard and there are even some for beginners just learning how to crochet. There are crochet patterns for adults, kids, and even newborn babies.

There’s nothing better than coming home after being on your feet all day and putting on a pair of cozy slippers. These moccasins will keep your feet toasty warm during the cold winter months and your friends will be impressed by what you made and will want a pair for themselves!

Here is our list of 15 free crochet moccasin patterns perfect for whatever you need them for!

Flip Flop Crochet Moccasins

Learn how to turn cheap flip-flops into crochet shoes with this free crochet moccasin pattern and video tutorial! These moccasins are great for walking around the house!

Via Make And Do Crew

Moccasin Crochet Booties

Keep your baby’s feet cozy all winter with these cute moccasin booties. They are super cute and make a perfect gift for any baby shower!

Via Whistle and Ivy

Crochet Tribal Moccasins

These moccasins crochet up really fast and can be customized to fit any foot. You can make your own tribal moccasins with this easy and free crochet moccasin pattern!

Via Just B Crafty

Basic Crochet Baby Booties

Crochet a pair of these basic baby booties in a snap with this free crochet pattern. Two sizes are available for 0-6 months or 6-12 months.

Via Amanda Saladin

Bernat Crochet Family Moccasins

Everyone knows you’ve got to keep your toes warm, so crochet these must-have moccasins in Bernat Softee Chunky, and line them with the cute and cozy Bernat Pipsqueak yarn. Love cozy? Check out my Crocheters Care Package. I’m giving away 100 care packages to new I Love Stitches members here.

Via Yarnspirations

Catori Crochet Baby Moccasins

Keep little toes warm with too-cute baby crochet moccasins trimmed with vibrant fringe. 

Via Willow Yarns

Crochet Baby Moccasins

This crochet moccasin pattern is so beautiful and brightly designed for every day. Here is the free pattern on how you can make a pair of moccasins just like these.

Via This Lovely Life

Stripped Moccasins

These moccasins are super cute and colorful. You can make them any color yarn you want and customize them to make them your own. You could even make a few different ones to change it up.

Via Ravelry

Baby Moccasins

These baby moccasins are pretty simple to make. They work up quickly and don’t require any crazy crochet skills. You can make these with this free crochet moccasin pattern!

Via Meg Made With Love

Oka Crochet Baby Moccasins

These moccasins are perfect for any baby entering the world, especially if they are living in a cold place. These baby moccasins will keep their little toes nice and warm during the cold winter months!

Via Whistle and Ivy

Crochet Cotton Moccasin Shoes

These moccasins are super colorful and are great slippers for around your house. You can make these moccasins with this crochet moccasin pattern!

Via Mommy Made Crochet

Sweet Little Baby Moccasins

These adorable little moccasins are perfect for babies and will keep their toes toasty warm! You can make these moccasins with this crochet moccasin pattern!

Via Little Eme

Crocheted Soccasins

What is a Soccasin? It is a unisex moccasin-style slipper with a built-in sock leg to keep little feet very toasty and warm. The length of the sock leg is designed to hug the ankles when folded down but you can alter the length at will and experiment with the colors!

Via Megan

Baby Mukluks

These baby mukluks are perfect for any baby and will keep their feet toasty warm during the cold days of winter. You can make these mukluks with this crochet moccasin pattern!

Via Sandy Frog Legs

Crochet Eskimo Boots

These crochet boots are adorable and are quick and easy to make. They will work great for slippers for your house or you can wear them out and about!

Via Garn Studio

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